Thylacine demo

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3″ cd, available at shows and by mail order if you live outside of Sydney. I am very happy with this drawing (and the songs)

Working on a piece that is actually NOT FOR A BAND!!! should be finished some time before the end of the week.



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This will be either a CD or hopefully a 7″. It needs a bit of tidying up but i have been working on this for AGES, so for now it is done.

Thylacine Shirts.

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SO hopefully some time in the next few months this will get printed, it will be 2 or maybe even 3 colors. I would like it to be a kind of charity fund raising exercise, we will see.

This one will get made into a screen that we can use any time,  shirts, patches posters whatever. We will probably try to track down a decent amount of second hand shirts and hock them at shows, but if you have clothing you want this on i would be happy to do that to.

I posted the old version of this a while back. I think i made some considerable improvements.

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Told ya, message papst4r at gmail dot com  to get yours today. It  is pretty  rad to have something finally printed, thanks to intentions for letting me sponge  of their  good name.

there are many kinds of problems, not all of them are like yours, or mine, but i forget that all the time

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My super friend Liz put on a show called “from a dark place” it featured 25 artists including yours truly, it was a benefit for rape crisis NSW i decided to try something different to what i mostly do, this is it

Intentions t-shirt

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Should be available in ACTUAL PRINTED SHIRTS soon

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Two years of classes, endless hours of only slightly constructive criticism from a unbearable (but admittedly talented) “teacher”, faaaaar more spent on tuition than i care to think about and what do i have to show for it? ONE drawing that i am not ashamed to show the world!

It’s not all that bad, I am sure i learned way more than i realise.