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Stylistic departure

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This is a shirt design for the awesome Defiance, Ohio! They had them on their 2011 US west coast and Australian tours.

This actually started it’s life as a drawing on the envelope of a letter i sent to my dear friend Ryan who plays bass in Defiance, Ohio. He asked if they could use it for some shirts, to say i was tickled pink would be a understatement!


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We are aiming to be the most over represented band merch wise in Australia it would appear. The truth is i just like doing art for bands and for thylacine i get to do as much of it as i want! More than partial credit has to go to my band mate Mitzi whose drawing i based this of.

More Soon!


Old concept, new drawing.

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So this one is actually really truly being used for a shirt! REALLY! should be ready for our Brisbane shows next month!

No matter how easy your job is you will find something to complain about

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This is pretty old now, older than the last few anyway. I held of on putting it up cause it is going to be the cover for a zine and I wanted to wait till that was out. But that does not look like it will happen to soon so hear you go.

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This is for a show at MY HOUSE! Featuring two other bands with members that live here, and the awesome Talbot all the way from Estonia.

The line work on this one is not that great and the type is straight up bad, but I drew this at work with a bick ball point so i think it is not so bad all things considered.


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It’s been a while, good to be back.

There is more on the way so stay tuned!